All seminar classes are one-hour, interactive,  and there will be assignments and downloadable notes on the class for your use.


Seminars consist of Introductory, Intermediate, and Advanced sessions.

During your consultation, we will decide which level of each class is best for you.

Seminar #1 - "I Told You So..." Sincerely Yours, Your Intuition

You will learn the three steps to access and use your natural intuition.  By understanding and using your personal intuition, life's decisions will become easier.  Your questions will be answered with clarity and focus.  This class will help you to be mindful and understand the world around you.

Seminar #2 - Mindfulness, A Healthy Life Begins in the Mind

In the world today it's hard to know exactly what to do.  Well, one thing is for sure, if you take better care of your mind, you can better manage all aspects of your life.  When our lives and our bodies are healthier our minds will follow.  That is what mindfulness is all about.  It sounds complicated but is actually a simple idea.  Doing what we can to be present where we are right now.

Seminar #3 - All About Attraction - The Science of Marriage and Relationships (may be taken by couples).

Couples face more challenges and distractions than ever before.  New data says staying the course is worth it.  What does a modern marriage-relationship promise?  The ultimate dream: a partner who sees what you really are and not only accepts it but improves it.